Lewisham Conservatives Start By-Election Campaign

Dear Resident,

As you may be aware, one of three Labour councillors in Whitefoot and Evelyn have resigned in recent days.

While we wish them well in the future, this by-election (which will take place on 2nd May) presents a rare opportunity for change. This election isn’t about who’s going to run the council but instead it’s about having your voice heard in the town hall; someone to represent you.

You already have 2 Labour councillors and this by election can’t change that. There’s nothing to gain from a third Labour councillor – someone singing from the same hymn sheet. Use this chance to give yourself another voice. Labour have all 52 seats on the council already, they don’t need anymore, you need an opposition.

Nationally, it is the Conservatives who delivering:

  • Record NHS funding - £20.5 billion extra a year.
  • Lower Taxes – basic rate taxpayers keep over £1,200 a year more than in 2010.
  • Higher Pay – wages rising higher than inflation.
  • More people in work than ever before.

Locally we have been fighting for you including:

  • Fought for better school places
  • Ran the no more zone 4 campaign – fighting for cheaper rail fairs for you
  • Exposed Labour’s failure to build enough affordable homes – missing £42 million of funding because they missed the deadline.
  • Ran the campaign to save Catford and New Cross police stations from Labour’s police cuts.

One of our key pledges if elected will be to secure the vital Bakerloo line to Catford and New Cross, a project at risk due to the incompetence of the Labour Mayor of London.

Lend us your vote and together we will make a real difference locally.


Yours faithfully



Lewisham Conservatives