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Welcome to Lewisham Conservatives, incorporating Lewisham East, Lewisham Deptford and Lewisham West and Penge.

Welcome to Lewisham Conservatives

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Lewisham Labour Costing Every Resident over £700 a year in Debt Repayments. 

Recent figures released by Debt Resistance UK, show that Lewisham Council owed £112,373,000 in lender option borrower option (LOBO) loans in 2014/15. This shocking amount of debt accounts for 30% of council tax income being used to pay back Labour’s poor financial management in Lewisham. 

National News

Living Wage helps 300,000 out of low pay

The number of workers on low pay in the UK has fallen by more than 300,000 following the Conservatives’ introduction of the national living wage, a think tank says.

David Gauke Conference Speech

“In 2010, our economy faced a crisis. 
We were borrowing more than at any time in our peace time history.
Unemployment had risen by nearly 850,000 in the previous two years, we had just under 4 million workless households. 

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