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We have made a lot of progress over the past 10 years in government with record funding of our NHS, millions of people taken out of income tax, bringing in a national living wage, deficit down, debt starting to reduce and we are working hard to get the best deal we can with the European Union after Brexit.


However, there is more to do and with the Labour Party wanting to destroy all our good work, there has never been a better time than ever to join the party. We need only to look at how Lewisham has been run by Labour for almost 50 years, highest rates of council tax in Inner London, fly-tipping chaos, some of the worst performing secondary schools in London, almost pushing Millwall out of the borough and youth club funding crisis. These are just a small number of issues in Lewisham that could become more widespread should the Labour Party get into government.


As a member you can:

Help to choose Conservative Candidates for Council, Parliament, London Assembly and Mayor of Lewisham.

Help to shape future policy and have your say on how policy is impacting our area.

Hear about all the latest social gatherings and events in Lewisham and around the country.

Speak to like minded Conservatives

Stand for election to ensure Britain keeps on being the forward thinking country for everyone.


To join the Conservative Party, please click on the link below.