Housing again an issue in Lewisham

Lewisham council have been warned by Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan that the Creekside development project does not have enough affordable housing allocated.

Lewisham Labour and the Labour Mayor both promised that new build projects in the borough would have to have 50% of the properties allocated as affordable housing. This is not the first time that the council have not followed through their pledge, the Hillcrest Estate housing project was withdrawn and a housing project in New Cross was afforded little social housing provisions in the plans as well.

Lewisham Labour are not living up to a key manifesto pledge for Lewisham residents and this will start to impact people living and looking to move into the borough. This could force many to find homes in other boroughs further removed from central London.

Alternatively, the Conservative government have lifted the cap on money that can be applied for meaning that Lewisham council can now get more provisions to help build new housing in Lewisham.