Council Tax Rises for a Third Year Running.

Both the Labour dominated Lewisham Council and the Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, have decided to raise the level of council tax by 4.2%. This comes on top of heavy increases to council tax in Lewisham over previous years. These increases will now ensure a Band D property in Lewisham pay over £1,200 a year.

The continuous rises over previous years mean local residents are now paying the highest rates of Council Tax throughout Inner London. The Labour-dominated Council have put up Council Tax despite continuing to fund local vanity projects such as political advisors, Lewisham Life and wasting £500,000 on a Millwall CPO inquiry that should not have been needed.

Reports earlier this month show that the Labour-dominated Lewisham Council is to overspend for the fourth year running with estimated costs of £13 million. In contrast, neighboring Bromley has yet again balanced its budget across all departments, while providing excellent local services prompting concerns from local residents as to exactly what Lewisham Borough Council are spending their money on.

The Conservative candidate for Mayor of Lewisham, Ross Archer, has promised to freeze council tax in Lewisham for two years if elected on the 3rd May.

Ross says ‘We have the highest council tax in inner London. In similar authorities, such as Wandsworth, they have lower council tax rates and are managing to build homes, have improved schooling standards and continue to provide essential services required for the borough. Why should Lewisham have the highest council tax in inner London, when other neighbouring boroughs have far lower tax levels and better services?”

Concerned resident Sam Thurgood has commented ‘Lewisham are once again raising the council tax on hard working families, when they can't even provide the basic public services well - like regular bin collections!. This shows that Labour need an opposition to hold them to account!'