Eleanor Reader-Moore

Eleanor has a long history of campaigning on a variety of issues for both the Conservative Party and for local charities.

Eleanor is keen to represent Deptford residents and support work to ensure the ward thrives. In this respect, Eleanor will champion the issues successful to growth, including the health and well-being of residents - be this improving the quality of housing, promoting better transport links or supporting the police in the reduction of crime.

"I also like to work specifically to champion the important issues including working with the police to improve services for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault and ensuring help is offered to victims on a long-term basis.  Further engagement and planning with charities, such as Her Centre, Rape Crisis and Refuge may be needed in order to achieve this. It is also important to me that services such as the Havens do not suspend counselling in future."

"I would also like to promote improvements for mental health services (independent or NHS), ensuring they are sustainable, and to help them improve the support they can provide. Their significance in ensuring the well-being and safety of the capital’s residents is key."

Eleanor also wants to ensure that the extra £970 million of extra police funding announced by the Conservative Government, the biggest increase in almost a decade, is used in Lewisham to ensure that the resources are available for police efforts throughout the borough.

On may 2nd, vote for Eleanor Reader-Moore for the Strong Voice Deptford Deserves.