Winter Waste Watch

This month, we here at Lewisham Conservatives have been taking a long hard look at what your Labour run council has been doing with your money. Here's our favourite (or least favourite) 3 examples of council waste

1: The cost of consultancy fees totalled over 5% of Council Tax revenues between in the year preceeding July 2013. This equates to over £5million pounds going to external consultants.

2: With regards to legal firms, Lewisham council has spent over £1m with city lawyers in the past financial year. This is whilst paying out for six expensive agency lawyers. Meanwhile our Council Tax is also paying for a fully staffed, salaried and qualified legal department. With a better planned approach with in-house lawyers offering value-for-money legal advice, we could cut the cost of lawyers to the council.

3: In the 2012/13 financial year, almost £100,000 was spent by the council on advertising and marketing itself.