Pensioners and Businesses Left without Amenity’s

In June 2018 local Santander customers for both Beckenham and Sydenham will have to travel to other towns in order to access banking facilities. These closures come as a blow for both users of the bank and local businesses who rely on the service the bank provides for payments, pensions and everyday banking. The two branches are close enough to each other that one branch can be used as simply as others, the closure of both branches require the use of branches miles away in other parts of Lewisham.

We have sent a letter to the CEO of Santander to ask what the reason behind these closures are. Once again, Lewisham Conservatives are looking to stand up for the benefit of all of us in the community. The reason for these closures seem to be primarily due to the fact that many young people do not use the branches. Once again, the Labour council has allowed another loss of not just a valuable part of the high street, but also the prospective job losses in the community.

Dr Liam Gilgar who is standing for councillor in May remarked ‘The closure of Santander in Forest Hill and Sydenham will leave many local residents and businesses without a bank and employees without a job. Santander’s own analysis of local usage data is flawed. Losing these branches will cause significant inconvenience and I hope Santander reconsiders its plans.