Lewisham Council Round-up

  • The recently refurbished and popular Catford Bridge Tavern is threatened with closure and is to be replaced with flats and a supermarket after it was revealed that Lewisham Council are considering plans submitted by the site's owners. How many more pubs are Lewisham Council prepared to see destroyed?
  • Labour-run Lewisham Council is approving spending of £160,000 a year on a new quango called "EqualiTeam Lewisham" whose remit is to "advance equality of opportunity between different groups" - at the same time as Lewisham is cutting back front line services to Council Tax payers.
  • Labour Lewisham is proposing a 28.1% cut in spending on drug and alcohol rehabilitation - despite an acknowledged link with reductions in crime in anto-social behaviour.
  • Plans for the "Lewisham Gateway" still remain the subject of confusion and wild rumours - as plans to redevelop Lewisham Town Centre reach an impasse after years of negotiations between ambitious developers and Lewisham Council officials. Normally when the Council is tight-lipped over high profile projects something is wrong - so check your pockets!