Lewisham Conservatives challenge Labour on top councillor’s new role

Conservatives in Lewisham are calling for local Labour politician Tom Copley to confirm when he is planning to quit as a ward councillor for Sydenham.


Last week (Friday 31st January) Councillor Copley AM was announced as the new Deputy Mayor of London for Housing, after the previous holder was elected to parliament in December. The notes in the announcement refer to Cllr Copley's start date being dependent on him resigning as a Lewisham councillor and London Assembly Member. However over a week later Cllr Copley has not signalled when he plans to resign. 


His resignation will trigger a by-election in Sydenham ward, as he becomes the third Labour councillor to quit the town hall since the last elections in May 2018 - less than two years ago. However, with the election of London Assembly Members and the Mayor of London taking place on the 7th May it is not clear whether Cllr Copley will take up the new role before the election - leaving Sydenham residents in the dark about when Cllr Copley will resign. 


Conservative London Assembly Candidate for Lewisham, Charlie Davis said; 


"Congratulations to Tom on his role, getting a new job is always exciting but he still has a commitment to the good people of Sydenham who elected him less than two years ago. We know that he is required to resign before he begins the job, but his constituents need the clarification of when this will happen."

"Being elected as councillor is a huge honour and is a four-year commitment. Tom is now the third Labour councillor in less than two years to quit and not complete their term. Labour need to stop taking local people for granted". 


Last week Lewisham Conservatives selected local campaigner Helena Croft as the Conservative candidate for Sydenham in the event of a by-election. 

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