Lewisham Central Candidate: more jobs means more security for hardworking people in Lewisham

Tracy Sutton, Chairman of Lewisham Deptford Conservatives and Lewisham Central Council Candidate, has welcomed new statistics that show the number of people in work in London has increased by 323,000 since the last election – meaning more families in Deptford have the security of a pay packet at the end of the month.


Tracy said “It is great news that there are 323,000 more people in work in London since 2010. That means 323,000 more hardworking people bringing home a regular pay packet, giving them and their family more financial security for the future. There is still more to do, but these figures show that the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan is working.  We need to stick to the plan, which is getting people off benefits and into work, and delivering a more secure future for people in Lewisham who want to work hard and get on in life.”