Labour's Sadiq Khan Breaks Another Promise.

After a well earnt break, millions of Londoners going back to work and life in 2018 were greeted by yet another broken promise by Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Rail fares rose on TfL trains on the morning that Khan tweeted a message highlighting that fares were frozen. Weekly travelcards in London on Tuesday 2nd January went up by on average by 3.4% to greet commuters on their first day back. Sadiq Khan stood on a platform of not increasing travel prices and insinuating that Londoners could save money due to this freeze. Labour’s Mayor of London has let down millions of people who work, live and visit our capital once again with his latest round of broken promises.

The cost of a zone one to three monthly travel card is now £153.60 compared to £148.70 last year, and a monthly zone one to four travel card is now £188.20 compared to £181.70 in 2017. Local candidate, Ethan Brooks, said "Commuters feel like we’re being taken for a ride by Sadiq Khan and the Labour Party. Lewisham is an inner London borough and Labour should treat it like one and rezone our stations to Zone 3. Lewisham’s Labour Council should back their local residents and ratepayers before their Party’s failing Mayor.”

The Conservative Party’s candidate for Mayor in this year’s elections Ross Archer is campaigning tirelessly to end zone 4 in Lewisham. Ross is looking to get all zone 4 stations in Lewisham reclassified as zone 3 stations thus creating fair and level playing field so that commuters from Lower Sydenham, Grove Park and Beckenham Hill stations in the South of the borough don’t needlessly cost more. By re-zoning these stations it would save local commuters over £400 a year on travel into Central London. That’s double the £200 Labour’s Sadiq claimed he wanted to save Londoners returned by both Ross Archer and The Conservative Party.

Ross's petition is available to sign here: