Labour PFI fiasco threatens Lewisham A&E

Lewisham Hospital's A&E Department is under threat of closure as Labour's flawed funding schemes rack up huge debts for the Health Trust. Labour's over-enthusiasm for the Private Finance contracts have plunged our local hospitals into crisis as the accumulated debts for the Health Trust reach £207 million.

Conservative Councillor Christine Allison, who is also a local Health Practice Nurse, said "I share the concern of local people that the proposed closure of the A&E at Lewisham will mean they have to travel too far in an emergency.

"There is also a doubt over the future of maternity services because without the backup of an A&E department Lewisham Hospital would not be able to provide high-quality emergency care for women whose delivery is life-threatening to mother or baby.

"Lewisham should not be asked to pay the price for Labour's mismanagement of PFI contracts, particularly as it is the annual payments on the Queen Elizabeth and Princess Royal hospitals which have caused this crisis in the first place."