Labour to enforce attendance 'contracts' for its Lewisham Councillors

Labour has unveiled its new strategy to make sure that their Lewisham councillors bother to show up to meetings. Following the criticism aimed at some members' poor attendance, the party has resorted to making candidates sign a contract before standing. If found in breach of the 'contract' they could be stopped from standing again.

A series of reports have criticised the poor attendance records of some Labour councillors. The people of Forest Hill have been the worst represented at meetings this year, with their councillor Anne Affiku turning up to only 31 per cent of meetings. Local campaigner Brian Chipps commented that "I've never even heard her speak at a council meeting, she just votes along the lines of the Labour whip." 

Mayoral candidate Simon Nundy added that: "If Labour councillors were committed to the people of Lewisham, you wouldn’t need the contract. The obligation to even bother to show up for meetings should come from the fact that you have been elected to represent your ward."