Labour-Dominated Council Remove Weekly Bin Collections

Labour-dominated Lewisham Council back in February this year announced on a webpage on their websites plans to remove the weekly bin collections.

Lewisham Conservatives are concerned that removing the weekly bin collections will mean more fly-tipping and have potentially serious consequences for local public health.

You can find out more about the Councils plans here:

The Labour Council claim that weekly bin collections are costing them £500,000 a year and this is unaffordable. Yet the Council spend over £60,000 a year on two political advisors and have spent £500,000 on an inquiry into their mess on the Millwall CPO, which would not have been needed if they just listed to local concerns in the first place.

Ross Archer, Conservative Candidate for Lewisham Mayor, says:

These plans are outrageous. Residents expect the Council to deal with household waste and they are so rubbish they can’t even do that.

The Labour-dominated Lewisham Council does have the money to keep weekly bin collections, yet they choose to spend it on political advisors for themselves and on an inquiry that could have been avoided. This move could really risk public health and does not help young families who have to dispose of nappies or those with pets who have animal waste to get rid of.

If elected Mayor next year I will restore weekly bin collections. This year on June 8th and next year in May 2018 Lewisham residents have the chance to get rid of the rubbish and restore weekly bin collections.”

Lewisham Conservatives have launched a petition calling on this decision to be overturned. You can view and sign it here:


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