Housing Zone Funding Lost as Council Misses Deadline

Labour-run Lewisham Council failed to meet a key deadline set by the Mayor of London, which has led to a total of £42.4million being lost from two major housing developments in the borough.


Catford was set to receive £22.4million to fund more affordable homes, improvements to the railway station arrival area and in flood alleviation, and the New Bermondsey development has due to receive £20million, including losing the £12million for a new overground station.


The funding had been allocated by the former Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, but the current Labour Mayor moved the deadline forward and Lewisham Council subsequently did not meet the new January deadline.


Conservative candidate for Mayor of Lewisham, Ross Archer, said “Delivering more affordable homes for Lewisham will be a top priority for whoever is elected Mayor later this year. We need more affordable home as well as the transport and infrastructure to support such developments – in one go the Labour-run Council in Lewisham has lost funding for both of these”.


He added “This is just another example of why Lewisham needs a fresh start in May – Labour have become complacent and it is local residents who are paying the price”.


Conservative candidate for Crofton Park ward, Karen Sunderland, commented “With 53 out of 54 Council seats Labour have enjoyed four years of being unchallenged in the Town Hall. However, it is local residents who lose out and get a second best service. It is commuters on packed trains, people living at home trying to get on the housing ladder and those paying eye-watering levels of rent who are the ones who have lost out because their local Labour Council missed the deadline. This is why we need Conservative councillors elected locally to provide an opposition, to push back and hold fire to the feet of those in power”.