Chaos at Council Meeting

A council meeting in Lewisham this week led to many people from the public gallery being evicted.

Ian Thomas, who was appointed CEO of Lewisham Council in March, recently stepped down by the end of the year so the council can take a 'new direction'.

Ian Thomas worked with Rotherham Council before taking up his position in Lewisham Council and the sudden release less than a year into his role has caused outcry in Lewisham as to why in such a short period of time he was hired and removed. especially with the council not releasing the details of why he will be replaced in the New Year. 

About an hour into the meeting, people in the gallery started making their views known about he situation, they were told to 'shut up' which led to boos from the public with some even calling 'Egan out', before people were asked to leave by police that were called in to stop the public from making their views known.

Labour Lewisham have been accused of not being open, transparent or democratic by one member of the public by their refusal to allow anyone to speak before the meeting came to a sudden halt.

Lewisham have 54 out of 54 Labour councillors, a Labour Mayor and 3 Lewisham Labour MP's. There is no one to hold them to account for their decisions, actions and policies which have left Lewisham residents with high rates of council tax, low standards in schools and ever increasing debt by the council. 

This cannot be allowed to continue, Lewisham council need to be open with why Ian Thomas has stepped down, this could cause untold damage to democracy in Lewisham and we are calling for Labour Lewisham to reveal why and what is the 'new direction' of the council.