Local News

Labour U-Turn on Parking Permits

Following sustained opposition pressure, Labour's Lewisham Council have backtracked on their move to make applications for CPZs only available online or through the premium 0845 number.

Victory for the People of Lewisham!

The people of Lewisham were yesterday vindicated as the high court threw out an appeal to downgrade the services at Lewisham hospital.

Vote Blue, Go Green!

You may have noticed that the Green party have failed to put up a candidate in Evelyn. As such, there is only one green party in the forthcoming by-election.

Evelyn By-Election: Did You Know?

The reason for this election is due to the failure of the former Labour councillor to attend ANY Council meetings since last September. Councillors are paid a minimum of £9000 a year of your money to represent you!

Nundy Opposes Lewisham A&E Downgrade

Conservative candidate in Evelyn, Simon Nundy, and Conservative councillor Christine Allison have handed in a letter to the Department of Health opposing the downgrading of Lewisham A&E.