Local News

Claimant Count Down Again in Lewisham Deptford

The number of people claiming job seekers allowance has again fallen in the Lewisham Deptford Constituency as more people in the area benefit from the Conservatives Long-Term Economic Plan which has helped to create over 2 million new private sector jobs.

Unemployment Benefit Count Down by 24.5% in Deptford

More evidence emerges that the Conservatives long term economic plan is working locally as once again the unemployment claimant count in Deptford has continued to fall with more people finding work. In Deptford the number of people claiming job seekers allowance has fallen by 24.5%.

Parking Pressure Pays Off

Pressure from local Conservatives and residents has forced a review of Labour's cynical CPZs in Lee Green. 

Forest Hill Campaigner's mural to raise funds for RNLI

A mural to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute painted by Forest Hill campaigner and former Conservative Councillor Martin Coombs has been unveiled in a fish and chip shop in Honor Oak Park.