Blackheath Tories call for "Snow Friends" scheme

Local Conservatives have called for Lewisham Council to adopt a scheme successfully piloted in Bromley that enlists the support of volunteer residents to help clear snow and ice from residential streets that are missed out by current emergency salting and clearance routes.

The scheme involves liaison between local co-ordinators and Council Officials such as advance notice of heavy snowfall by the council and updates on the state of our streets from the residents. In the event of bad weather the Council can then make provisions available to local co-ordinators who work with fellow volunteers to keep their streets, drives and pathways safe and accessible.

Local Conservative campaigner Simon Nunday said, "THis scheme is a cost effective way for local residents to help keep their streets, drives and pathways clear of snow.

With the backing and assistance of Bromley Council, it has worked well and proved very popular and it is high time we adopted it here in Lewisham - tapping into local people's pride in their neighbourhood.