Make Labour listen to Lewisham on crime:

Sadiq Khan shut TWO of our three police stations. And Lewisham Labour aren’t doing anything about it. So we’ve got to make them sit up and listen. And by filling in this crime survey – together we can make them listen.

Together, we can pressure Labour to take action on:

  • „stopping nuisance motorbikes – cutting drug dealing. Making our roads safer for you and your family
  • „preventing burglaries – by shutting rat-runs. Putting more police on patrol. And introducing CCTV at rail stations that ACTUALLY works
  • helping people avoid a life of crime – by bringing police and victims into schools, to show the dangers of carrying a knife. And introducing more Neighbourhood Watch schemes

So fill in the survey – and vote for me – and together, we’ll make Labour sit up and listen.

Lewisham Crime Survey

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1. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the Mayor of London’s decision to close two of Lewisham’s police stations?
2. Do you support local Conservative candidate Ross’ plan to get the police into schools to show young people the dangers of carrying a knife?
3. Do you think we need more CCTV at rail stations and other public spaces to prevent crime?
4. Would you like to see more action to tackle nuisance motorbikes and drug dealing?
6. Lewisham East will elect a new MP on 14 June. Which THREE of these issues do you want them to focus on?