Unblock Sydenham

Helena Croft and Lewisham West Conservatives are campaigning for new restrictions on Bishopsthorpe Road and Silverdale to be reversed. It is feared the new changes will divert more traffic and congestion onto Mayor Road. Above you can view a video from Helena Croft, Conservative candidate for Sydenham and Ross Archer, Deputy Chairman of Lewisham West Conservatives explaining our concerns about the scheme. 

Please take a minute to take our short survey on the subject below. Additionally, please click here to support a petition set up by local residents calling on Lewisham Council to introduce new safety measures on Mayow Road, and here to take part in the consultation on the changes. Take part and ensure your voice is heard. 

Unblock Sydenham Survey

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1. Were you aware of the new road access restrictions on Silverdale and Bishopsthorpe Road before the planters were installed?
2. Residents on Mayow Road are now campaigning for new road safety measures to prevent further accidents. Do you believe:
3. Do you agree that Lewisham Council should have consulted residents about the changes before they came into force?
4. Given Mayow Road has three schools nearby and a popular park, do you think this was an appropriate road to divert traffic onto?
5. In order to make this survey representative, how did you vote in the 2019 General Election?